This is a hand picked Smokey Quartz on a cord of your choice. The Smokey Quartz is hand wired with a plated copper wire.


Smokey Quartz: roughly 0.75" high

Origin: Brazil

Quality: AAA


Cord choices include the following:

1)  Sliding Knot Cord - Fully extends to 28"

2)  20" Round 1.5mm cord - Has a 2" extension chain


*Listing price is for one (1) Smokey Quartz and one (1) cord necklace. These are unique and may have natural imperfections, slightly different colors and patterns. You will receive a pendant at random.


Smokey Quartz Necklace

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Smokey Quartz is considered one of the most efficient grounding and anchoring stones, and a great stone for use in meditation.


    It is known for:


    • Being a protective stone.
    • Helps with stress, such as geopathic and environmental pollutions.
    • Helps to create a connection with the earth and environment.
    • Helps one to let go of what no longer serves them.
    • Relieves fears, depression, and emotional distresses.
    • Promotes positive thoughts, concentration, and helps with communication.
    • Helps to cleanse base chakra.


    Crystals/stones are spiritual supports to healing and are not meant to replace conventional Health Care.


    Source: The Crystal Bible