This is a hand picked Phantom Quartz point.


Origin: Brazil

Weight: 0.049 kg

Measurement: 3" high


*Listing price is for one (1) Phantom Quartz point. The piece shown in the photos is the piece you will receive.


Phantom Quartz Point

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Phantom Quartz symbolizes universal awareness.


    It is known for:


    • Stimulating healing for the planet.
    • Activating one's healing abilities.
    • Connection to spiritual guides.
    • Enhances meditations.
    • Understanding past lives and the abilitiy to put it into context.
    • Helps with hearing disorders.
    • Helps to open clairaudience.


    Crystals/stones are spiritual supports to healing and are not meant to replace conventional Health Care.


    Source: The Crystal Bible