Moonstone, her good fortune, love and affection glimmer over me when I’m near her. She loves the full moon, and she has a special bond with water, much like the moon and the tides. She helps with changing times and new beginnings by reducing the fear that can try to tag along with it. She helps to see that change is necessary to start a new chapter in life, and to evolve. She heals with harmony and balance, instilling a calmness in the soul. And with calmness comes clarity in intuition, helping the tides of inspiration, passion, and confidence to wash over us. She is a very nurturing stone, using her motherly wisdom to create hope and happiness for those around her.


Moonstone is associated with the heart, solar plexus, third eye and crown chakras, and in a physical nature she is said to help with digestion, eliminate toxins, reduce fluid retention, stimulate the pineal gland, and help balance hormones, especially for woman. Through her feminine energy she can also help with fertility and many different kinds of discomforts associated with pregnancy.


Lava Rock or basalt is another bead in this bracelet. Volcanic eruptions containing high levels of magnesium and iron cause this highly porous rock to form. It is known for it's grounding and it's emtionally stabalizing properties, which is great for the root chakra.

Peach Moonstone Bracelet

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    • 5-6mm multi-matte peach moonstone beads
    • 5-6mm Lava Rock beads
    • 3mm TierraCast Sterling Silver beads
    • 1mm stretch cord

    Please keep in mind that moonstone is from the earth and each bracelet is handmade from there, so each bracelet will be slightly different from each other.