This is a hand picked Moss Agate point.


Weight: ranges from 0.088 - 0.097 kg

Height measurement: ranges from 3.5" to 4"


*Listing price is for one (1) Moss Agate point. Each point is unique and may have natural imperfections, slightly different colors and patterns. You will receive a point at random.


Moss Agate Point

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  • Moss Agate is considered a stabalizing stone. 


    It is known for:


    • Enhancing the connection to nature, enabling one to see the beauty in all.
    • Assists in a good birthing delivery; a stone of new beginnings.
    • Helps to release blockages and create new beginnings.
    • Can help to attract abundance in wealth, especially for small businesses and the self-employed.
    • Intuitive booster.
    • Helps to improve self-esteem.
    • Helps to release fears and stress.
    • Helps to encourage one's personal growth.
    • Can help with depression by giving insight into the reasoning behind it.
    • It's considered an anti-inflammatory.
    • Encourages lymph flow and boost the immune system.
    • Can increase the health of plants, when placed in a pot of flower bed.
    • Helps to clear personal energy as well as environmental.


    Crystals/stones are spiritual supports to healing and are not meant to replace conventional Health Care.


    Source: The Crystal Bible