This is a hand picked Clear Quartz point.


Origin: Brazil

Small Weight: ranges from 0.025 - 0.039 kg

Medium Weight: ranges from 0.04 - 0.059 kg

Large Weight: ranges from 0.06 - 0.099 kg

Height measurement: ranges from 1.25" to 2.125"


*Listing price is for one (1) Clear Quartz point. Each point is unique and may have natural imperfections, slightly different colors and patterns. You will receive a point at random within the siz group you pick.


Clear Quartz Point

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Quartz is considered the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the earth.


    It is known for:


    • Absorbing, storing, releasing, regulating energy.
    • Protects against radiation.
    • It's said to bring one's energy state back to before the dis-ease began.
    • Cleanses and enhances the organs.
    • Purifies the soul.
    • Raises energy to highest possible level.
    • Can dissolve karmic seeds.
    • Can attune one's self to their spiritual purpose.
    • It can clear out distractions during meditations.
    • Helps with concentration and memory.
    • Considered a master healer, and can be used for anything.
    • Helps to bring the body back into balance and boost the immune system.
    • Quartz can balance all chakras.


    Crystals/stones are spiritual supports to healing and are not meant to replace conventional Health Care.


    Source: The Crystal Bible