Carnelian Beads

Size: 4-5mm

Quality: A

Origin: Brazil



  • 3mm plated copper beads
  • 1mm stretch cord



Small 6.5"

Medium 7.5"

Large 8.25"


*Listing price is for one (1) bracelet. Each bead is unique and may have natural imperfections, slightly different colors and patterns. You will receive a bracelet at random in the size you request.

Carnelian Bracelet

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  • Carnelian helps one to be in the present moment.


    It is Known for:


    • High energy.
    • Enhancing motivation and vitality.
    • Stimulating creativity.
    • Has the ability to cleanse other stones.
    • Helps to remove fear of death and giving an understanding to the cycle of life.
    • Fills one with courage.
    • Inspires positive life changes and success in business.
    • Helps one to move forward from any type of abuse.
    • Gives trust in one's self and their perceptions.
    • Helps one to overcome negative conditioning.
    • Helps with focus and concentration, especially in meditation.
    • Protect against envy, resentment, and anger from those around and from one's self.
    • Instills a love for life.
    • Stimilates the metabolism.
    • Acivates the base chakras.
    • Helps with lower back issues, arthritis, and depression.
    • Is said to improve the absorbtion of minerals and vitamins into the body.


    Crystals are spiritual supports to healing and are not meant to replace conventional Health Care.


    Source: The Crystal Bible