What if we could change our future just by visualizing it? You could see it into fruition; you’re healthier, you’re happier, you’re doing the career you’ve always dreamed of, you’re traveling around the world, creating the business you’ve always wanted, living in the home of your dreams, surrounded by people who love and care about you, and you have all the money you need and want. Like a lot of stuff I talk about, it seems pretty far-fetched, I know, but although it can’t be proven to be fact it also can’t be proven not to be.

According to Marisa Peer, a world-renowned speaker, Rapid Transformational Therapy trainer and best-selling author, we form most of our beliefs before the age of five. Wow, before the age of five. I’m pretty sure I, along with many, didn’t even understand how the world works by that age, and yet I have already created certain beliefs based on how I was treated, whether from my parents, friends, or other children and adults. As we get older if those beliefs aren’t proven otherwise, they stick as if to be fact. Such beliefs could be: what we consider beautiful or pretty; what the role of a mother, father, or relatives play in a family; what foods are normal to eat; what is considered healthy; how motivated or not motivated you should be in life; work ethic; dreams; religion; what love is; if you can have an abundant life or not. There are many, many, too many beliefs for me to type out, that each of us have taken as our own. But are they our own?

Ask yourself, “Why do I believe these?” Was it because it was taught to you by someone when you were growing up? Now ask yourself, “Who was the person who taught me that belief and how old was I?” What was that person going though in their own life at that time, that could have influenced them to teach you that belief? Where did they get that belief from and how do they know if that belief is true?

Those beliefs are their beliefs, and you have the choice now to decide if you need or want to continue to keep those same beliefs. Everyone has grown up differently, including parents, relatives, friends and sometimes even siblings. What our parent’s beliefs are, may have been passed down from their parents, and grandparents, but that doesn’t make the belief fact nor fiction. That is up to you to really think about and decide for yourself.

Sometimes those beliefs we have grown up with and taken on without question, can be limiting. Beliefs that are not fact are just thoughts and opinions that are only in our mind, and just because you were brought up to think a certain way does not make it true. If you believe you can never have the house of your dreams because your parents never did, or that you can never be in a loving relationship because you never saw one growing up, or that you can never have money because you were always poor growing up, well those are limiting beliefs you took on, but they are not true. They are not fact. There are many people who have grown up poor, with divorced or no parents, with abuse, or illnesses that made a wonderful life for themselves when they got older. How? By not limiting their beliefs to thinking that is all they can ever have. By not only having big dreams but believing they can and believing they will achieve them.

You have the ability to achieve and have great things, you just have to make the decision to change your mindset. Tell yourself, “I have an abundant life.” If you could have anything, if you could do anything, no matter your health or what your bank statement says, what would it be? Think big. No I mean BIG. Now tell yourself you not only deserve to have those dreams, but that you will.

Go one step further and create a vision board. “Oh no, now she’s lost her marbles completely. Okay what’s a vision board?” I thought you’d never ask. All those things or dreams you’ve always wanted, find pictures of them on the internet or in magazines and create a collage with them. You can incorporate positive words too, like I’m healthy, fit, creative, motivated, etc. You can take a piece of cardboard and glue the pictures onto the board, and then take some markers and right the words you want to go along with it. Or you can do like I do and find the images on google and pinterest and put them together in a program of your liking (some free programs online you can use are or and make it your screen saver. When you are finished making it, you could also take a picture of it with your phone. Now put it somewhere you will see it everyday. “But what if someone sees it and thinks it weird?” Well just tell them they won’t think it’s weird when all those things come into fruition. Plus, it’s a board or screen with a bunch of positive and inspiring pictures on it. What’s the worst that could come out of that? Maybe it’s not a norm, but cell phones weren’t a norm 50 years ago. Putting your food in a fridge was not a norm a 100 years ago. If this is something you would like to try, because well what the hell, then make it your norm.

This is your life, your beliefs, and your future. What you choose to believe today will affect your future tomorrow. You don’t have to follow anyone else’s beliefs, if they do not suit you. Be honest with yourself. Do you believe you can’t have something or do something or be a certain person because you really can’t, or because that is a belief that was passed onto you? You have the power to change your life just by changing your mindset. Do yourself and your future a solid and try it out.

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