The Idea

I’m going to give you two scenarios to think about. In the first scenario you work 24/7. No really, I literally mean 24/7. You don’t have a home; your work is your home. You can’t go anywhere unless it is part of your job. So yes, that means no breaks, no lunches, no vacations, no visiting family or friends. You work very hard to keep the business you work at functioning efficiently and properly. Then there is your boss who tells you every day, sometimes more, how stupid you are, how incompetent you are, how you can never do anything right…well I think you get my drift…your boss can be quite negative. Your boss isn’t purposefully trying to be a not so nice person, but they are under a lot of stress trying to keep up with the businesses around them and just everyday life. To add to that, the owners of the businesses around you are constantly telling your boss and you how stupid and incompetent you are. So, your boss is getting the same treatment as you, but you are getting the double dose.

You have to endure the same place 24/7 with the same people hearing the same things for as long as you decide to live. So again, I ask you, how would you feel. Angry? Sad? Depressed? Crying all the time?

That’s not a very fun scenario. How do you think you would feel if that was you, the worker? And I’m not asking what you would do, but how you feel? You can’t leave, find a different job, or tell your boss or the other bosses off. Oh ya, you also can’t talk. The only way you can express yourself is through how you do your job. When you are pissed or unhappy, you are less motivated to work well or efficiently. Maybe it even causes you to screw up more or misunderstand things. You have to endure the same place 24/7 with the same people hearing the same things for as long as you decide to live. So again, I ask you, how would you feel. Angry? Sad? Depressed? Crying all the time? Personally, after a few years, I think I would no longer want to live. I mean five years of everyone around you telling you horrible things, and never having anything nice to say, I don’t know about you, but I would definitely lose the will to want to work or be anything for that matter.

Second scenario. You still work in the same place, where you can’t move or go anywhere, unless it’s part of your job. No Lunches, breaks, vacations, and you are not able to talk. The only way you can express yourself is through your work. So what’s different? In this scenario, your boss is happy, caring and understanding. You are still learning and growing, so you still make mistakes, but this time when you make a mistake your boss takes the time to explain how to do things correctly, and motivates you by telling you that you are very capable and you have the ability to do your job better. This helps you to not make the same mistakes twice. On top of that, after you learn something, or do something correctly, your boss is right there telling you how thankful they are for you and how pleased they are at your motivation, determination, and strength of character. Now this sounds like a much better workplace. The icing on the cake here is the businesses around you are also supportive of you. They’re there to help you grow and learn.

How does a workplace like this make you feel? Do you feel happy, energized, ready to take on the day, knowing that you have the ability to do your job well, and if there is something you are not understanding, someone will take the time to help you without judgement. I think that would be a very pleasant and motivating place to work, but that’s just me.

Now, remembering how you felt in scenario one and two, imagine the workplace is your body. You, the worker, are the cells in your body, and the business owner is your thoughts. The other business owners are the people around you and their thoughts or actions; your family, friends, coworkers, enemies, etc.

“So what you’re trying to say is that the cells in my body have feelings, I mean really. What’s next, I can hurt my cells feelings by how I think?” Well, that is just a theory, but essentially yes. Now, I’m not saying your cells are having a cry fest, wishing they could get on Dr. Phil and talk it out (well remember they can’t talk anyways). What I am proposing is that certain vibrations and frequencies are released into our bodies with certain words we speak or think. After say 5, 10, 30, 50 years of negative vibrations and frequencies being continuously sent to your cells, your cells may start to change, not work the way they use to, or even die off. Have you ever been around someone who is always negative and in a bad mood? It affects you in some way. Maybe it makes you sad or upset, or maybe it makes you not want to be around them. Now put yourself as the negative person and the cells in your body is you. What message are you sending the cells that make up your body and could that message be making your cells react badly?

Let’s go over a quick rundown of how the nervous system works. It controls everything in our bodies from how our organs work, physiological and psychological reactions, to the endocrine system (regulates metabolism, growth, tissue function, sexual function, reproduction, sleep and mood). The two main parts of our nervous system consists of the central nervous system, which is our brain and spinal cord; and our peripheral nervous system, which consists of all the nerves that branch off from the brain and spine. The nervous system is made up of many different types of cells that do many different things to keep your body functioning and protected, from interpreting stimuli and transmitting signals, to helping with immune defense. Neurons or nerve cells, which are one type of cell that makes up the nervous system, listen for messages and news from other cells and transfer that information to the body of the nerve cell. It then moves down the stem of the cell causing neurotransmitters to jump into action to move the message to the next neuron either causing it to be excited or inhibited.

So where am I going with this, you might be asking at this point. Well, what if the negative and positive frequencies coming from the thoughts we and others think and say, effect how the neuron interprets the message and how the neurotransmitters transmit that message, which cause the messages they send out to be incorrect, causing the body to be confused and possibly create disease in the body. Am I saying that yours and others thoughts are the only thing causing disease, definitely not, but if this theory was true, how could that effect your health and the health of those around you? I, you, everyone may have the ability to control the health of our bodies and be an influence into the health of those around us. I know crazy right, but not impossible.

Yes, this is just a theory, and you have all rights to disregard, but just keep in mind that letting yourself think about it in it’s entirety, does not mean you have to believe it one way or the other. The world will not cease to exist if you contemplate a new idea or not. You don’t have to go out and change everything, or anything for that matter, if you do decide to give this thought some exploring. You are given the ability to think about new ideas without consequence, but if you decide this subject matter is a bunch of hooey or just not what you want to think about at this time, that is all good, and I appreciate your time in listening to me up until this point.

Try to think good thoughts…just in case.


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