I am a Freelance graphic designer, photographer, artist, writer, and proud tree-hugger.
My journey started with art and painting, and my path lead me to design and then to photography. All the while my love for this magnificent earth has grown every minute.

When I'm not looking through a lens or designing on a computer I am holding a paint brush. I started painting in acrylics as a young girl, but found in my 20s that oils were my true love. Their vibrant colors and beautiful blending drew me in and has been my partner in crime ever since. With each piece of artwork is also a piece of my soul. I don't do consignment artwork, but instead paint when the inspiration taps me on the shoulder. "Hey there...I have an idea. Let's paint." There is a story in each piece, but if you see a different story, then let it take your hand and lead you down your unique path and enjoy.


I have taken some different turns in my career throughout my life, from art to design to massage therapy, back to design and art, "...oh let's try some photography now."
I am a curious species always looking to try new things and explore new mediums.


I went to college twice for Media & Communication Arts - Design & Layout and finally received my Associates of Applied Science on the second round. You can never get enough schooling right...lol. I spent time working at different companies learning and getting hands-on experience in my field, and then I decided to open my own company and become a freelance graphic designer. This has been a wonderful part of my journey, and I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with some wonderful people and clients.

I have been slowly adding more and more photography to my portfolio and as I do, my passion for it keeps growing. The photos that draw me in normally are abstract, scenery, and product photography, and due to my creative background, my photographs usually have more of an artsy feel to them.

I am also working on changing my life, one day at time, to create less waste and in turn a smaller footprint on this earth. For she is a magnificent being and deserves more of my respect. I mean she does provide the air I need to breathe and the food and water I need to stay alive. I'm always looking to do more for her, but also for the human race.


I want to inspire the human race to work with nature and each other to positively change our world for the better. I hope you join me in my journey to inspire positive change. :)